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                         Original Oratory Winners
Left to
Right:  Division 5-8:
Kyla-Marie Griffith, 3rd Pl., "Animal Testing",  
Stephanie Foster, 2nd Pl., "Saving the Planet", and
Koreen Melbourne, Champion, "Robotics";
Division 9-12:  Alfred Olatunde, Champion,
"Animal Testing"

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The West Indian August 10, 2019  
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Oratory and Debate Competition Part I - "Original Oratory"
Scholarship Awardees 2019

-Photos from the Event Saturday, August 3, 2019-
Hosted at:
St. Matthews Community Church Hollis, NY
-Fellowship Hall-  
Orators and Scholarship Awardees: Left to Right: Toni Murray, Koreen Melbourne, Kyla-Marie Griffith,
Stephanie Foster, Gabrielle Bernabe, Alexander Serrao Jr, Najwa Waysome, Cameron Allen,
Leashell Camille, Trisha Johnson, and Alfred Olatunde; Front Center: Senator John Liu and
President Rosalind O’Neal
       Scholarship Awardees 2019
                        Left to Right:
Leashell Camille, Cameron Allen, and
                       Trisha Johnson
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Joyce Samber, Mistress of Ceremonies
Rev. Dr. Andrea Hargett,  Invocation
Taj Johnson, Accuracy Judge:
Announcing Winners
Judges  Left to Right: Ayanna Mays, Carla Magnus, Harriett Diaz,
Pres. O'Neal (not a judge), Juliette Bowers, and Rev. Stephanie Coleman

Photos by Jeany Persaud