African-American/Caribbean Education Association, Inc  
"Working to better the education of our children"     

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Mission and Background
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Kente Meaning:  
"Achimot--Harmony and Diversity"


    The African-American/Caribbean Education Association, Inc, also known as AACEAINC, was founded in  
    1997 by Rosalind O'Neal, who brought together teachers of African-American and Caribbean heritage to  
    address, and bring resolve to, educational issues impacting teachers, students, and parents in the                 
    Southeast  Queens Community. Under the leadership of Ms. O'Neal, the first years mushroomed from a small
    committee of teacher-advocates and educators from other fields, to a base of stakeholders interested in   
    making a difference in the education of children and the advancement of community. In 2001, this                 
    group known as the African-American/Caribbean Education Association, whose cause is educational excellence,
    became chartered by the New York State Education Department and incorporated as a not-for-profit         
    organization. This is a 501 (C) 3 organization. Although AACEAINC's operations are based in Southeast Queens, its s
    support extends to the five boroughs and beyond in its services to parents, students, families, and stakeholders.

                                                                  Mission Statement

    The mission of the African-American/Caribbean Education Association is to:
    “Provide a vehicle by which educators, parents, politicians, community, and media, may be informed about
    issues relevant to our children's educational growth and development, thereby, fostering a teaching and
    learning environment conducive to our students meeting the standards to compete and achieve in today's
    evolving technological society".


    We at AACEAINC envision a new place in history where our children "excel" in all aspects of the  
    American experience.  It is our belief, that as a People, we have a moral and civic obligation to strengthen   
    educational services and quality of life issues --to make a difference change must first start with us and we
    must know what we are willing to sacrifice. Our vision embraces the success of all our children, the low   
    achieving, the high risk, the children with special needs, and the children that are gifted and talented.
    We envision an organization supportive of high quality experiences and programs that foster leadership.
    We see our role as that of catalyst leading the way to the fulfillment of hopes and dreams, which will
    mutually benefit every one of us.   

    Since AACEAINC's inception the organization is proud to have provided the following   
    services to the community:

  •     AACEAINC SCHOLARSHIP FUND / Scholarship Program
  •     The AACEAINC Lifetime Achievement Award
  •     AACEAINC City-Wide Poetry Contest
  •     Co-sponsor College Fair: "A Showcase of CUNY Colleges"
  •     Co-sponsor Education Forum: "Working to Build a Better Future for Our Children
  •     Co-sponsor College Seminar and Keeping Our Children Safe Safety Forum
  •     Information on the New Regents Standards
  •     Voter Registration
  •     Community Health Fair
  •     School Safety Community Forum
  •     Juneteenth Celebration and Essay Contest
  •     Community Civic Service Program
  •     Jazz/Poetry Slam
  •     A voice in Immigrant Education and Literacy Needs
  •     Black Literature Series with a Historical Genre
  •     Parent Empowerment Workshop Series
  •     Making Education a Top Priority Series
  •     Newsletter
  •     Adopt a School Program
  •     Cultural Sponsorship Program for Students
  •     Providing support as a community based organization in the application of the U.S.         
            Department of Education Smaller Learning Communities Grant, which was successfully
            awarded to the Southeast Queens Community in 2002.
  •     Endorser of the National Center for Schools & Communities at Fordham University's
            Task Force 2009: Working for Human Rights in NYC Public Schools  




                                                              Photos by Jeany Persaud
AACEAINC designs activities to be challenging allowing youngsters to be exposed
to accepted rules, protocol, and proven assessments. This enhances students’
ability to pursue a myriad of academic and scholarly activities on a national level,
which  AACEAINC encourages poetry contestants to confidently pursue.

Young scholars presented poems that range from the richness of African-American
and Caribbean cultural heritage, to black pride, to diseases that kill us, to violence
prevention, and to the indignities of living on the street. These young people were
powerful!  Although a city-wide competition, entrants that answered the call were
representative of public, parochial, and charter school and reside in the boroughs of
Brooklyn and Queens.   


Poetry Contest Winners: All Divisions
Black History Month Event:
"An Afternoon of Jazz, Poetry, Gospel & Empowerment"
The Harvest Room

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Photo by Christina Santucci
                                                    Partners with Education Advisory Committee
         COLLEGE FAIR: "A Showcase of CUNY Colleges"
                                  Introduction to CUNY
                                                        Pursuing Two and Four Year Degrees
                                                                       What college is for you?                                                                                    
                                                                  Admissions and Financial Aid
                                                                    York College - CUNY
                                                 94 - 20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11451
                            "Celebrating Black History Month with
                   Health Awareness, Cultural Heritage & Dialogue"
                                                Queens Central Public Library, Jamaica, NY
       The purpose of this program was to provide health and cultural awareness, and to raise issues that impact the  
        African-American and Caribbean communities. The discussion placed an important emphasis on health with a
        focus on Diabetes and Hypertension, as well as, offer an understanding into DNA, biomedical research and the
        significance of Henrietta Lacks, our celebrated icon for Black History Month. Moreover, there was a compelling
        discussion for the African American community to support the Smithsonian National Museum of African American
        History and Culture (NMAAHC). Program participants received free blood pressure and blood sugar screening,
        which was serviced by the Queens Hospital Center Community Outreach Program. The last segment of the
        program allowed the audience to address facilitators with their specific issues. AACEAINC is making arrangements
        with interested groups that would like to have this program presented at their organizations. Contact us.
From left to right presenters and facilitators: Hon. Ernestine Washington, AACEAINC Board, presented DNA Biomedical
Research; AACEAINC President Rosalind O'Neal, presented recources, background and data; Shirley Phipps, AACEAINC
Board, facilitated the Smithsonian NMAAHC; Ayanna Mays, CEO Track Star Tutoring, facilitated educational issues and the
importance of after-school programs; Jahnya Barnett, College Student and Youth Leader, faciitated community
empowerment and employment opportunities; Dr. Florence Washington, Founder and Director  of The Washington Center
for Natural Therapies, facilitated Diabetes, Hypertension and holistic approaches to health.
Ms. Phipps with Claudia Heyward, Coordinator, Queens
Hospital Center Community Outreach Program, and the
Hospital Center  screening team below.
Program participant about to be screened.