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SCHOLARSHIPS 2019         
Mildred Collins, William A. Samber Sr., Hon. Ernestine Washington
Community Service Scholarships

Mildred Collins Nursing/Health Science/Medicine Scholarship
Awardees 2019

William A. Samber Sr. Aviation/Math and Science Scholarship
Awardee 2019


Community Service Scholarship
      Awardee 2019
               This year's award is based on 300 or more community service hours.

       Current Scholarship Awardees
Highlighting Awardees 2015
The Class of 2019
Trisha Johnson, Rosedale, NY

Benjamin Cardozo High School
Arista / National Honor Society
National Honor Society Board Member and Arbitrator
Fall Term 2019:
To Attend
Wagner College
Physician Assistant Five Year Program
-On Scholarship-
CAREER GOAL: Physician Assistant
This scholarship is important because it will put me one step closer
to affording college and ensuring I have the opportunity to have a
career in healthcare.
I want to give back to underrepresented, disadvantaged students and
inform them of the many opportunities the world has to offer,
especially in health care.
                                                                                                                            Trisha Johnson 2019
Leashell Camille, Queens Village, NY

John Bowne High School
Class Valedictorian 2019
Arista / National Honor Society
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Awards
STEM High School Diploma
Fall Term 2019:
To Attend
Princeton University
-On Scholarship-
CAREER GOAL: Chemical Engineering
This scholarship is important because it's very helpful towards college tuition.
My parents have already put one child through college, and I have another
sibling currently in college. My parents are heavily in debt with student loans,
receiving this scholarship can help alleviate additional financial burden
                                    for my parents
Leashell Camille 2019

The Collins, Samber and Washington AACEAINC Scholarships are not based on financial need but on
outstanding academic performance and meritorious service.
The AACEAINC Scholarship is important to me because it allows me an
opportunity to pursue my goals. It is my desire to take advantage of  
opportunities afforded me and scholarships
are the best opportunities for me currently. I feel compelled to apply
for those that I believe I may qualify and glad that I am awarded this
                                                                                                                      Cameron Allen 2019

-Diamond Moody-
William A. Samber Sr Aviation/Math and Science Scholarship
Awardee 2015

Graduated with Honors and High Distinctions:
Carnegie Mellon University
Physics Major
May, 2019


Illustrious Scholarship Awardees 2015
On Your Distinguished Graduations
Carnegie Mellon University 2019
Barnard College-Columbia University 2019
                               Diamond Moody
 Diamond received her scholarship from AACEAINC                
 believing she would major in Computer Engineering.
 However, in her Freshman year at Carnegie Mellon
 University, she joined the Robtics Team, pursuing her
 love for robotics, and became an integral part of the
 Robotics Team. That year she engineered the device
 that enabled the team to win a hard fought competition.
 Inspired, she considered a major in Mechanical
 Engineering. Unbeknown to her, while taking an intense   
 Physics course, she found her niche. Physics, then,
 became the center of Diamond's world and she decisively  
 became a  Physics Major. She went on to being inducted
 into the National Physics Honor Society and Sigma Xi the
Scientific Research Honor Society at Carnegie Mellon    
 University. Diligently, despite a debilitating accident that left
 her wheelchair dependent for a significant time, she stayed
ever devoted to her studies and remained on the Dean's
List. Diamond graduated with honors and distinctions in
May, 2019. Her journey continues as she joins the employ
and problem-solving ranks of the Johns Hopkins University
community. AACEAINC extends congratulations, accolades,
and only the best of wishes as a new chapter commences!

-Safiya Noel-
Mildred Collins Nursing/ Health Science/ Medicine Scholarship
Awardee 2015

Graduated with Honors and High Distinctions:
Barnard College-Columbia University
Sociology Major
May, 2019
          Safiya Noel
Safiya  received her scholarship from AACEAINC
entering Barnard College as a premed student
starting her Freshman year taking general chemistry,   
organic chemistry, and calculus fulfilling necessary
course requirements. However, being engaged
in her community and feeling the need to assist others,
she would go on to become a Student Admissions
Representative, a Resident Assistant, an Intern with
CORO New York a civic leadership program that
advances youth communications, and a recipient of the
Citizens Committee for Children Founders Award. She
received this award for her unwavering commitment
to child
well-being and civic life. Safiya's consideration for moving
in the direction of Sociology became very apparent
when she became an Intern in Barnard’s Athena Center   
for Leadership Studies that is dedicated to the
advancement of women leaders and her involvement
in Columbia’s Peer Health Exchange. As undergraduates
will change majors, she switched majors from premed to
sociology. Outstandingly, her skills have already begun to
make a difference. Desirous of spending the next two years
after graduation, working in her community with the City's
youth, she  enlisted in Teach For America, an organization
that strives to create equity in classrooms throughout the
country. After Safiya's brief two year hiatus teaching our
youth, she will then continue her studies in pursuit of
a career in public policy. Her objective is to obtain a dual
Master’s Degree in Public Health and Public Administration.  
ACEAINC extends congratulations, accolades, and only
the best of wishes as a new chapter commences!
Cameron Allen, Jamaica, NY

Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences High School
National Honor Society
Youth About Business
Fall Term 2019:
To Attend
University at Buffalo
CAREER GOAL: Business Executive