Tips for Writing Speech and Getting Ready for Competition

       1. Memorize your speech
       2. State your topic at the beginning of speech
       3. Prepare a captivating opening statement
       4. Speech cannot exceed 5 minutes, stay within the time frame
       5. No more than 150 words in quotes
       6. Make eye contact with audience
       7. Use facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, and humor if relevant
       8. Practice the execution of speech and speak clearly
       9. Act naturally
      10. Be sensitive to your audience
      11.Restate the theme at end with an equally appealing conclusion

      1. Look your best and dress for success!
      2. Business attire is always a good choice.
      3. Be sure to wear clothing that is comfortable.


   1.  Video links that provide resources on “How To” prepare and deliver

      2.   Video links that showcase oratorical champions and oratory    

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