Message from President
Kente Meaning:
"Unity through strength"
Rosalind O'Neal
African-American/Caribbean Education Association, Inc.
"Working to better the education of our children"

Dear Friends and Supporters,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the AACEAINC website.  

We are deeply grateful to our supporters and continue to play a role in moving thoughts to action.
With the help and encouragement of wonderful volunteers we move ever onward with productivity,
confidence, and successful outcomes. Please navigate the pages, learn more about us and the work
we are doing.

As we celebrate our 2
3rd year of service, we look forward to your being a part of our
momentum and continued growth.. You will find AACEAINC a friendly place to share ideas
and make a difference.


Rosalind O'Neal
President /CEO

                          "Distinguished Education Leadership"
                                             "Public Service"

Dowling College Honors President with
Top 40 in 40 Award--October 9, 2009
Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury, NY                          

Presented to top 40 outstanding alumni for distinguished service in celebration  
of 40 year history.

   National Association of University Women (Queens Branch)
     Honors President with "Community Service Award"
     May 17, 2009, Antun's, Queens Village, NY


NANBPWC-"International Division"
   Distinguished Education Leadership Award
October 13, 2008, United Nations, NY, NY

Share AACEAINC's joy and pride
in the slide show of guests and
presentation of award.

Turn on your speakers-click on   
"Distinguished Education Leadership Award"
United Nations                         
National Association of Negro Business and    
Professional  Women's Clubs, Inc
(Non-Governmental Organization  of United  Nations)
President Dowling College, Robert J. Gaffney and  
Top 40 in 40 Honorees
President: Bottom row, left side, 5th seat in
Dr. Lenore R. Gall, President Queens Branch, right,
presenting award to President
President Sandra Coleman
presenting award to  President
                            Saturday, March 26, 2011
                                Antun's, Queens, NY

                      The Laurelton Club, NANB&PWCINC, Honoree 2011
                                        Photo by Bob Gore Productions, Inc.